About Us

Founded in 2000, Galleria Farms is a leading grower, importer and distributor of premium fresh-cut flowers. Galleria Farms grows roses, chrysanthemums and world-renowned hydrangeas on over 120 hectares in Colombia.

By taking pride in every product detail, from seed selection and strict grading metrics to innovative packaging, a team of over 2000 employees is passionately committed to consistency and excellent quality. Galleria Farms services all segments of the floral industry, including major supermarkets, mass market retailers, bouquet manufacturers and wholesale florists. Galleria Farms guarantees its products are thoughtfully crafted to create emotions.


Best Stand Decoration of Proflora Show 2017


&  Associations

Galleria Farms has received several national and international certifications, such as the Rain Forest Alliance, which guarantees the recipient’s quality, the best working conditions and the excellence of the product.  Galleria Farms is a continued member of PMA (Produce Marketing Association).