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Our Products

At Galleria Farms we pride ourselves as being one of the industry's leading innovators, always looking for new varieties and trends. That's why we are able to offer over 20 different natural varieties, while our unparalleled painting facility continues to be the paradigm of the industry. 



Our roses, known for their vibrant colors and long-lasting beauty, are cultivated with care to ensure superior quality. Grown in ideal conditions, they are perfect for any occasion, offering elegance and durability.

Disbud 9742_edited.jpg


Our disbuds stand out with their large, vibrant heads and long-lasting freshness. Perfect for bold statements, these flowers add sophistication to any arrangement or decor.



Our chrysanthemums come in an array of forms and colors, ranging from the classic daisy-like singles to the more intricate pompons and spiders. Each variety at Galleria Farms is selected for its unique beauty and resilience.

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